About Cleaning

Drycleaning is not exactly a dry process; it uses non-water-based liquid solvents to clean and refresh the garments.  In addition, the preparation before cleaning and the finishing/stain removal procedures also involve solvents for removing oil and greasy soil that water cannot achieve.

Most drycleaners use similar process to clean your garments - what differentiate them are their cleaning knowledge and quality control. The experienced drycleaners are able to pull more tricks out of their sleeves. Typically smaller establishments would have better quality control and higher prices.  Larger volume shops operate at a lower cost, therefore, may offer a lower price, but also may be less picky on the details. It is up to the customers' discretion on choosing the right drycleaner according to their needs.  At Embrace Drycleaning and Alterations, our priority is the quality of our products while keeping our prices at a competitive level.

Be familiar with the labels

Beside looking into the brand label and the price label,  be sure to look into the care label.  The care label has valuable cleaning instructions that allow the cleaner to choose the correct method to clean your garment.  As much as the care label can be irritating at times, DO NOT cut it off.  Once you remove it, the cleaner will not have any instructions to follow.  If you need to remove the care label, be sure to give that label to your cleaner so they can keep a record of the cleaning instructions.

To buy or not to buy

If possible, give yourself some flexibilities - look for something that can be laundered and dryclean, so you would have the option on switching between two cleaning methods depending on your budget.  In addition, some stains react well with water but some do not; and knowing both methods are allowed, the cleaner would have a choice of cleaning approaches to produce the best result.  Try avoid buying something that is spot clean or hand wash only.  Spot clean means you cannot dryclean nor launder the garment, which basically means you should avoid sweating in it because the conventional cleaning methods are not possible.  Hand wash is a little better because at least you can still clean it in water, but hand wash ususally means the fabric is super delicate and it has a high tendency to stretch and bleed.

Do not dryclean Do not wash Do not dry Do not bleech Hand wash only