Frequently Asked Questions

As much as we would like to maintain a level of consistency, drycleaning is not an exact science.  A lot of times cleaning procedures and results can vary depending on how the customers treat their clothings.  Some common contributing factors include the age of fabric, usage of garments, and exposure to the environment.  Hence, there are many uncertainties involved in the cleaning process, but we would do our best to ensure that your garments are under the best care possible.

This page is a collection of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our staffs and our customers.  By sharing this information, we hope to help the customers to gain a better understanding on drycleaning, laundering, and alterations.  So if problems arise, we would be able to resolve them in a timely fashion and be as subjective as possible in addressing the issues.


Drycleaning & Laundering

Alterations & Repair